Clayton Wheeler

Meet Clayton

Encinitas born and raised, and currently a North County residing local, Clayton is responsible for bringing quality to the food & craft beverage landscape throughout San Diego & Orange Counties with a popular sandwich chain better known to us as home of the Turkado aka Board and Brew. He and his business partner Craig have opened up 5 of the current 11 Board & Brews in the past 4 years, were the first franchisees, and are now 1 of 3 groups – they hope to continue to expand this classic San Diego brand with more locations (we hope they do too)! When he’s not enjoying a sandwich at his own bread and butter, you can find him with a slice & brew at Del Mar Pizza which he highly condones for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. Lately he’s found a love for jumping out of planes (skydiving that is) with his new cert from Skydive San Diego. Fave experience so far? Understandably his first solo jump, which he described as “being up there alone and having the freedom to do what I wanted was pretty incredible, and a bit intimidating!” For first timers I would say have confidence and don’t hesitate; trust your instructors and go for it!” I think we might take him up on that suggestion!

Why Clayton digs BLOC’s cowork space

BLOC gives you an opportunity to mix the work and social environments. And while working to build a start up, you don’t always have that busy office environment to feed off. Thats where BLOC comes in!