Sean Feeney

Your name and where you’re (originally) from?

Sean Feeney. I’ve grown up calling Phoenix and San Diego home. I lived on the Gold Coast of Australia too for a year in there somewhere.

Name of business/company that you work for, or own?

Owner at The Lomas Brand.

How long you’ve been working / how’d you get started?

Started my company officially in Aug. 2015. Owning my own clothing brand was a dream of mine since I was a kid. When I was 16 I made a t-shirt company doing my own designs and sold them out of my backpack around school. I graduated college with a degree in Economics and fell into the corporate grind for about 8 years. I hated my job, everything about it. And it was a great job it just wasn’t for me. I honestly thought to myself one day, tomorrow isn’t promised and if I stay in this job/career one more day that could go on and on and life is going to pass me by. So I pulled the rip cord, left my career over night, and started teaching myself a crash course in clothing.

Best part about your job?

Being my own boss, I love every part of every second of every day at work.

Interesting fact about yourself?

Playing music is a huge passion of mine. I’m proficient at playing 4 different instruments.

Favorite local place to eat?

Priority Public House.

Why do you enjoy being a part of a cowork environment (at BLOC)?

I love so many things about it. The contagious entrepreneurial vibe, the social aspect of it, location. I think when you’re a start up and a small business it really helps potential clients take you more seriously when you have an office to bring them to/take photographs of rather than your garage or something haha! But really for me its being surrounded by a lot of people who have been entrepreneurs longer than I have and being able to get their advice having been where i’m at themselves once before.