Sierra Cooper

Your name and where you’re (originally) from?

My name is Sierra Cooper and originally from Carlsbad, CA.

Name of business/company that you work for, or own?

Currently working as a Location Manager for BLOC Coworking for two weeks, as this is my first managerial position from graduating college.

How long you’ve been working / how’d you get started?

I’ve only been working as BLOC Location Manager for a couple weeks, and I got started by discovering that there is more to life than working the 9-5 style at your desk day in and out from solo travels in Taiwan. Coming from a tech start-up background in LA, I took the time to get back to my roots (a.k.a happy place) and decided I needed to get back to coastal San Diego to continue my ever-changing journey. BLOC so far has been the best way to grow as a manager because we cultivate on community, thrive on growth, and focus more on thinking outside the cubicle box.

Best part about your job?

The best part about my position thus far is the flexibility I have to be creative on my own instead of having strict guidelines to follow. Most organizations already have set out strategic responsibilities for each role, but with BLOC I’m able to have the reigns on various projects-allowing me to be my own boss in a way (which is pretty swell for just graduating from school).

Interesting fact about yourself?

An interesting/random fact about myself is that I’m oddly obsessed with moss, and collect moss in jars around my home along with other indoor plants. I used to help with floral design while in college as a side gig and absolutely loved getting my hands dirty with plants/flowers, so I try to still keep my collection flourishing.

Favorite local place to eat?

My absolute favorite local place to eat is Pipes in Cardiff for breakfast. I’ve been eating at this place since I was a kid, and love getting my speciality coffee drinks from Dana outside at the coffee shack. Something about the beachy, laid-back vibe of Pipes, as well as the hearty french toast, makes me love this community even more than I already do.

Why do you enjoy being a part of a cowork environment (at BLOC)?

I truly enjoy being a part of a coworking environment because I absolutely love helping other locals in anyway that I can. The small businesses of San Diego (especially here in North County) are so critical to our larger community because these are the people who are making a name for themselves-the people who make San Diego such an incredible place to live, eat, and play. The connections that I am able to not only make for myself, but also for my members is what is so insanely rewarding about a collaborative, free-flowing coworking space.

Anything else you want to add?

Besides being a loving local, I am hugely obsessed with dogs and look forward to owning my own pups one day in the near future. I also enjoy photography (currently in a program at MiraCosta), discovering new food places, searching for unique antiques, traveling to deserted locations with no wifi, and meeting new smiling faces along the way. I’m really stoked to have this opportunity with BLOC, and I can’t wait to watch myself grow within this self-starting position in a coworking space.