Yasmine Zein-Phillipson

Your name and where you’re (originally) from?

Yasmine Zein-Phillipson. Born in Princeton, New Jersey, moved to San Diego when I was 4 years old, went to school in Michigan, and then moved back to San Diego 1.5 years ago.

Name of business/company that you work for, or own?

Locus Agricultural Solutions

Website / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn social media platforms for your business?


Facebook: LocusAgriculturalSolutions

Linkedin: locusagriculturalsolutions

How long you’ve been working / how’d you get started?

I’ve been working at Locus Agricultural Solutions for 1.5 years.  I started as a consultant and then transitioned to Product Commercialization Lead and essentially work in regulatory now.

Best part about your job?

The best part of my job is knowing that the products we are working with are good for the earth, the soil, and that they have the potential to increase crop production and food quality for so many people.

It’s also nice to work outside in the field and get to take home fresh veggies occasionally… I’ve been making a lot of lettuce wraps recently.

Interesting fact about yourself?

I lead outdoor trips (climbing, backcountry skills, wilderness survival) for the REI Outdoor School.

Favorite local place to eat?

You can never go wrong with a good burrito in San Diego (maybe Rudy’s), but Birdseye Kitchen is delicious and just down the street.

Any other interesting notes you’d like to share about you, or your business/brand?

So many interesting things—too many to list here.

Why do you enjoy being a part of a cowork environment (at BLOC)?

I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life and seeing the range of careers people go into.  It’s fun to be a part of a work community.  I also love the kefir soda… the BLOC staff is amazing too!