Who is BLOC

About Us

Vibrant coastal communities with space to work, connect, collaborate,
and grow.

BLOC was the first official coworking space in North County San Diego, fulfilling a need that simply wasn’t there before—a focused space to work remotely, without all the distractions of home. We needed it, and so did our friends … so we built it.

What began in 2014 as a small, organic, entirely self-funded single location, quickly grew into three comfortable, modern spaces. Today we’re in 3 of North County San Diego’s premier coastal communities —Solana Beach, Leucadia, and Carlsbad Village—and we’re going strong with a hyper-local community of members filled with forward-thinking, inspired, creative people.

Coworking isn’t like traditional office space in the corporate world and BLOC offers an alternative and flexible workspace with a laid back culture and an environment that supports both productive work and relationship-building. Our mission has always been to support and enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow and contribute to the vibrancy of our local communities. Many of our early ethos remain true today.

Neighborhood Focus

BLOC was designed to fit seamlessly into the coastal areas in which we operate. Our spaces are intentionally intimate, catering to the hyper-focused local, who both lives and works in their community. Members have the added value of the beach, nearby restaurants, gyms, childcare facilities, grocery stores—many of whom we have partnerships with.

Embrace Balance

As the saying goes, “All work and no play…” BLOC believes in the power of work-life balance and continually strives to invest energy in life outside of work. We encourage our members to do the same and with our neighborhood focus, we aim to provide them with the ability to do just that.

Family Spirit

BLOC is run like a family. We support and encourage one another, and make our successes about abundance, so that everyone thrives. We encourage members to bring their families into our spaces, and to our events, and the connections made here are ones that extend well beyond the workday and the workspace.

Connection Based Platform

We believe connections made organically are the strongest. And we strive to provide the ingredients to act as a catalyst, including:

• Collaborative, well-designed spaces.
• Community Managers who act as thoughtful leaders and extensions of our brand.
• Social programming that fosters comfortable introductions.
• The greater BLOC network that members are proud to be a part of.
• People come for the workspace, but stay for the connections they make and community they become a part of.

Have Fun, Be Creative

We’ve always had a desire to bring fun laughter to our work. Because of which, we truly love what we do. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and celebrate each person’s individuality. We’re a humble bunch; real people who aren’t afraid to get scrappy with a ‘whatever it takes‘ mentality. We believe that when people feel creative, they’re more inspired to think outside the box, be less stressed, and overall, happier.

Meet the Team

BLOC Coworking Team
Kailee Coleman - BLOC Carlsbad Village Community Manager


Carlsbad Village Community Manager

A recent Cal Poly grad, with a degree in Child Development & Psychology, Kailee is our resident child whisperer. With her warm smile and gentle spirit, members and their little ones instantly gravitate toward her. She’s also quite possibly the most laid back person we’ve ever met and is always up for a new adventure.

Kailee also has a passion for animals, and with 5 dogs, 3 cats, a swan and a duck at home, we think she might have a little Dr. Doolittle in her too.

Jolene Hertzler - BLOC Leucadia Community Manager


Community Manager

Jolene is an old soul, with a passionate love of art and music that radiates through her. Creating is her happy place and she feels most at home behind a camera, writing poetry, or drawing. She’s been to just about every country and loves exploring new places and cultures.

A true humanitarian, Jolene believes in shining the light on others, so that you, yourself can shine. Members know this too as she’s been the impetus for many partnerships born out of BLOC.

Morgan Haines - BLOC Solana Beach Community Manager


Solana Beach
Community Manager

Morgan has a healthy obsession with all things digital and a background in graphic design, so it’s only natural that she keeps us organized and looking good. She can find anything on the internet and is a multi-tasking ninja. She’s usually the first to arrive at member events, always up for an impromptu happy hour, and can often be seen stopping strangers on the street to pet their dog.

Don’t leave your dishes in the sink though… like Santa, she sees you.

Amanda Marks - BLOC Bookkeeper


Manager of
Projects and Books

Amanda has a multitude of roles for both BLOC and FABRIC, making her a little like our team octopus with her hands in all the pots. She grew up in Chicago, then went to college in Indiana; and hasn’t returned since. She’s a certified yogi, and despite the fact that she’s no longer teaching, she still loves it just as much.

Amanda’s guilty pleasure is reality TV and she used to work in a hostel, so if you’re itching for some entertaining conversation, she’s your gal.

Curtis Clave BLOC Owner


BLOC Owner and Co-Founder

As one of the company’s founders, Curtis is OG BLOC. His background in design lended itself quite well in creating the BLOC brand and has since expanded his interests into other real estate development projects. So much so that he’s now a Principal at FABRIC with Brendan.

Curtis’ smile lights up every room he enters and when he’s not working, you’ll usually find him chasing waves, planning his next surf trip, or spending time with his kids.


BLOC Owner and Co-Founder

Owner and co-founder of BLOC, Grant is part of the OG crowd. He’s incredibly down to earth with a deep passion for connection and community that inspires all who meet him. A true entrepreneur, Grant also founded The Outbound Collective, an app that helps people find local adventures, tours, lodging & travel inspiration.

As a new dad, Grant loves spending time with his wife and son, striving to be an even better man than he already is.


BLOC Owner, Director Real Estate

As the owner of both BLOC and FABRIC, a real estate development and investment firm, Brendan works harder than anyone we know. His aim with both businesses is to enhance community and to create neighborhood vibrancy through activated real estate. Brendan is passionate about architecture, design, innovative real estate, and aligning with business owners to address their space needs.

Brendan’s light shines brightest when he is with one of his three favorites ladies—his wife and his two daughters.