BOS: Interview with Kerrya Corcoran

What is the name of your / the business and social media handle?

BOS Iced Tea (made with organic Rooibos)

Instagram: @bos.usa

How did the name come about and how long have you been here?

“The name BOS was created in two ways, 1. It is the last three letters of our magic ingredient Rooi-BOS and 2. In South Africa they use a common phrase “to go BOS” meaning to wild/ crazy in a fun way! So together the two really created our brand identity giving us a license for a fun, wild lifestyle brand that shares a philosophy of healthy can be fun!”


What is your role at the company?

“Wearer of many, many hats; aka marketing director for the US/West Coast.”

How did you get started?

“I’ve been in the beverage industry for 11+ years and have continuously worked my way up, always seeking ways to grow or excel my skills. I love learning and see all challenges as learning and growth building. I begin my journey in the CPG industry as a Red Bull wings team member and fell in love with the beverage world. Because of Red Bull, I added a double major in marketing and told my mentor at the time, “Eddie, I want to become you.” Since my Red Bull days I have worked for other major beverage players including SmartWater, and have then fallen into a path of start-up companies including; Suja Juice and now BOS Iced Tea (US Business is in sort a start-up model/ phase). Working with start-up businesses has become a passion of mine as it is an incredible experience to build a foundation from the ground up. I helped to build out the Field Marketing program at Suja and am now building out the entire marketing foundation for BOS Iced Tea in the US.”


Did you reach out to BOS?

“I did reach out to BOS, and my boss may joke about it and say aggressively (insert laugh). I was first introduced to the brand by John Hein and Dave Musil at Advanced Natural Group as they were working with the BOS team to bring the brand business to the US. I had met John and Dave in my previous years in the industry. Through them I learned of the brand, got to taste and experience it and really fell in love with all aspects of BOS. A few months had passed since I first learned about BOS and I always checked in with the ANG guys to see if they heard anything more about expanding the business to the US. On June 2nd, I saw a post go live on for a Marketing Director positions; and ironically what first caught my eye was the position location – San Diego, CA, then I saw the iconic lion logo and literally screamed out loud – “BOS!” – immediately applied online, reached out to my recruiter, called John and Dave and to take it a step further I went on linked in and found our CEO, Dave Evans and our CMO, Marie Van Niekerk and sent them both messages. I guess you could say I was a tad excited 😉 … to make a long story short, a couple of skype interviews and a plane later, I arrived in Paris to meet my new colleagues!”

What’s your favorite thing about BOS?

“Great question, there are so many favorites I have about BOS. The brand, the product, the packaging, and most importantly the people. The people of BOS are incredible, and it is people that make a company. I also love the flexibility with creativity. As we are building this brand from scratch here in the US, it is a very rewarding and amazing opportunity to help build this brand.”

BOS Brand-27

What’s the best part of Solana Beach?

“Solana Beach is an adorable town and I have always loved this area. Being just blocks away from the beach is amazing and sometimes I have to remind myself to take advantage of the proximity! There are great places to grab a bite or a cup of coffee and for us having our office in Solana is perfect. The Advanced Natural Group’s office is walking distance away, our warehouse is just a 10 minute drive and my PR agency RKPR is just over the bridge on Cedros. Plus Solana totally represents the BOS lifestyle. As BOS was born in Cape Town, SA; we couldn’t have picked a better spot to plant our roots in the US… as I like to say “Rooted in Cape Town, planted in CA”

Are there ways for us to collaborate / work together?

“Absolutely. We really want to own Southern CA. So anything that’s happening locally, let us know; events, etc. As we are in the summer months, if you haven’t already, you will start to see our BOSsy teams out and about handing out iced cold BOS Iced Tea to consumers at all different locations. From the shores of our coast to different local community events, we want to create a big BOS buzz in So Cal. I can’t spoil our secret, but I can give you a hint.. it’s going to be a wildly BOS summer of sampling!”


Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?

“Our biggest news as of a few days ago—Whole Foods SoPac Region! Now consumers can find BOS at their local whole foods in So Cal, Arizona, Nevada and even Hawaii!”

 Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

Sort of… I’m such a people person, so I definitely knew I wanted to pursue a career that involved networking and building relationships with all different types of people. In high school I got involved in our broadcasting department and was our own high school’s news anchor – “Wolfpack TV” – it was fun to read the announcements and share the latest and greatest with my fellow classmates. I pursued this as entered college; however, with the combination of working internships within news stations, while also working at Red Bull, I found my true passion was not broadcasting, because in actuality you are talking to people via screens. It lacked human interaction and to be transparent was very dismal. Red Bull opened my eyes to the world of beverages and marketing. And as mentioned it was because of my position with Red Bull I added a double major in marketing and followed my dreams to where I am now.”

What was your first or most memorable job?

“RedBull! Its so funny, I can almost explain that job as if it’s an ex-boyfriend. I tried to move up in the company, you had to move to LA for it and in the end all I really wanted was to be in San Diego. When I was on the team it was high prime, they hired 25 girls who all became best friends. We drove around together in mini coopers and worked events, it was so incredible. The company is amazing! They pushed the limits and crafted and formed the whole concept of field marketing. BOS has a lot of similarities that align with the visions and tactics of Red Bull, which is why I really aspired to work for BOS, it reminds me of the Red Bull mentality … breaking rules, being disruptive and polarizing.”

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

“Always strive to be the best and know you can take on challenges that come about. Sometimes you can’t figure out the end road but you know that you’ll get through it. Go have fun, enjoy college.”

What would you choose to be your soundtrack to life?

“Anything beach vibes: Jack Johnson, Rebelution, Big Mountain.”


Anything else you think we should know about you and the business?

“I am beyond excited to be working with such an amazing brand and a team of incredible people. Although the US team is small, we have global support and I can’t wait to see where we can take BOS here in the US!”

Where can consumers currently find your product?

  • Sprouts nationwide,
  • Whole Foods (South Pacific Region)
  • Jimbo’s Naturally in San Diego
  • Erewhon Markets in LA
  • Launching on amazon in just a few short weeks!

If you have an event or an opportunity that you think BOS would be great to partner with please feel free to reach out to me directly:

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