Boss Babes Mix + Mingle at Bloc Leucadia

boss-babes-brunch-clubOn one of those perfectly warm, fall North County evenings we had the pleasure of hosting upwards of 60 entrepreneurial women for a female-focused networking mix & mingle event with Boss Babes Brunch Club. This name may sound cute at first, and most people giggle after hearing it, but don’t be fooled. Once you meet this group of boss women you no longer feel that way. The amount of strength, motivation and knowledge that these women brought to our space was riveting!

_dsc0483The gathering took place as the sun was setting on the dreamy outdoor patio at our Leucadia cowork space, which was setup with cold wine, lite bites, flowers and the exchange of “nice to meet you’s” and (the new) business card exchange of Instagram profiles. Women were smiling, sharing and if I had to guess most of these women had never met each other before, which made it even more interesting to watch them engage with each other. No one seemed afraid to say hi, share what type of business they owned, or even ask each other questions about fretful business owner questions. This was exactly what we love to see happen at our space – engagement, exchange, compliments and most importantly people feeling comfortable enough to be themselves.

When we first connected with the owners of Boss Babes, the advocates behind women “bosses,” Alisha Ochoa and Brandi Daniels, there was a feeling of determination to host this networking group at Bloc. The focus and admiration was so apparent around these women to connect other women professionals who had decided to take a leap of faith on themselves to start their own business and be their own boss! Our cowork spaces are all filled to the brim with entrepreneurial spirit similar to this, and there was something really special about reaching out to a women’s-focused group who had taken the plunge into ownership. Many of the professionals who gather at Bloc’s work spaces are the type who most likely left a day job that was sustaining for their lifestyle, but they had a vision of their own bigger better dream – and they made it happen. Now they make their own decisions and schedules, but admirably also are the brains behind something that’s near and dear to their hearts.

That’s how these women were that evening; they beamed when given the chance to tell what they do, why and how much they loved be vested in their “own thing”. The female speakers that evening were inspiring as well telling their stories, struggles and how perseverance led them to where they are today. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity we have to host this group of individuals again soon, so stay tuned and check back for date(s)!


Join us for our next (holiday inspired) Boss Babes networking mix + mingle on Thursday, December 8th from 6-9pm at Bloc in Solana Beach. Click here for more details, or to RSVP now (encouraged, spots will sell out quickly)!

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