Community Interview: Evrbottle

Gabby and Rusty of Evrbottle, an artist co-op in Carlsbad, CA

In an effort to get to know our neighbors and introduce our members to the local businesses around us, we periodically conduct interviews with business owners in our community. We were delighted to meet Gabby and Rusty, the supremely creative couple behind Evrbottle, an upcycling company in Carlsbad Village. Read their interview to learn more about who they are and their unique perspective on business. 

Check them out online as well!

About Evrbottle…

Located on State Street, in the heart of Carlsbad Village, Evrbottle is an eco-friendly gift shop, specializing in handmade, upcycled goods created from used glass, metal, and wood. Originally from Venezuela, Gabby and Rusty are incredibly passionate about protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint and as such, they’ve designed their upcycling process to be as energy efficient as possible (they even reuse most the water throughout their studio). 

Evrbottle’s mission is to achieve sustainable consumption and end single use. Through their work they aim to bring awareness to the community, and that together, we can all make a difference through conscious choices and actions.

What’s especially unique about Evrbottle is that their space is more than just their business, it’s an artist co-op, filled with local makers and craftsmen. In addition to Evrbottle, the building also houses Good Company Barbershop, Kylle Sebree, a custom furniture maker, Handled Pottery Studio, and a small collection of other artisan’s products as well.

Read on to learn more about Gabby, Rusty and their business.

Evrbottle in Carlsbad, CA

What are your roles and how long have you been in business?

2012 is when we started the bottle business. And we’re owners to janitors. We do the sweeping, and gardening, and toilet cleaning! We do it all!

What’s your favorite thing about the business?

Wow. We love how much life is in it. It was dead here in Carlsbad when we started and we have seen it growing and changing so much. We started doing community gatherings to bring people together because that’s what I (Gabby) grew up with and I love seeing people connect and grow together. We really love being able to bring life and energy to our community.

And we live half a block away, so that’s pretty great too.

Where do you find inspiration?


Gabby: Besides nature, becoming a better version of myself, for me. Because I know how that ripples into the world. And being connected to nature. We love giving things a second chance.

Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

No. Never, not once. Thats what keeps blowing us away. We have one problem; we start something and then before we know it, the business keeps growing and growing. It’s always changing and growing… there was no plan. It keeps changing, it’s not set in stone and so it’s always interesting to see what’s next.

Evrbottle glassware collection

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future? What else should we know about your business?

We have a community gathering the last Wednesday of every month. We are all about community and bringing people together to connect on a deeper, more genuine level. We get people of all walks of life, shape, color, religion — everything you can imagine, but they come together here and all of that stuff goes away and people are just free to be who they are. We have food, music, drinks, and it’s lots of fun.  

What was your first or most memorable job?

Gabby: Working on myself. That’s how you create the rest. I started working when I was 13 at a cell phone company. It was amazing that my mom gave me that trust and allowed me to work at such a young age.

I also love being a nanny. I did it for 13 years and I still do it for 1 hour a day. It’s the most amazing job ever to be with children like that. We get to be outdoors and grow and just have fun.

Rusty: Working as a maintenance person. It was my first job and it was cool because I had a job, period. It taught me a lot. When I grew up my dad was a mechanic so I grew up in a junkyard. He gave me a lot of background, I learned a lot that I can use today.

Gabby: I think the most memorable job for Rusty is him becoming a welder. He never talked about welding, but now he is a welder, so it was just weird.

Evrbottle glassware details

 What do you do when you’re not working?

Gabby: Yay that’s my area! I like to do everything! Seriously, I have so much energy, I just like to be out in nature, connected to all the elements if possible. I love to paddle board, I love yoga, but I just like being outside with birds and sky above me.

Rusty: We go camping a lot and take a lot of road trips. It can be expensive to travel, to get on a plane and go somewhere. But then we thought about all the people who fly here, where we live. So then we thought: let’s just get in the car and go somewhere – anywhere! Now we take about 4 trips a year, sometimes more. And we always go somewhere different. We have been to Zion multiple times, we love it there, we were hooked from the first time. It’s really all about being outdoors, connected to nature.

The next few questions are a series of rapid fire, don’t-think-too-much, one-word responses to see how people think on their feet. They usually provide some pretty interesting insight!

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Rusty: Resourceful
GabbyHow do you pick JUST ONE? Maybe old soul, adventurous, or deep. Or maybe loving.

What are you afraid of?

GabbyLosing my cookies (mind)! Or somehow contributing to the craziness that’s going on in the world. I want to just be loving of people and positive, in an environment free of judgement. 

Favorite food?

RustyAvocado pasta that Gabby makes. It’s so good.
Gabby: Avocados.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Rusty + Gabby: This one. We love it here.  

Evrbottle - Explore More metal work
Huge thanks to Gabby and Rusty for their time and candidness in sharing with us! We are so grateful to have them as neighbors and can’t wait to join them at one of their community gatherings. Evrbottle (and all the other artists in the collective) are definitely a stop not to be missed when in Carlsbad! 

2680 State St.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Find them online to see more of their products and their upcoming events! 

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