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Wysh San Diego

In an effort to get to know our neighbors and introduce our members to the local businesses around us, we periodically conduct interviews with business owners in our community. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Mojgan and Adrianna, the dynamic women behind Wysh, a Southern California lifestyle boutique in Carlsbad Village. Read their interview and make sure to pop into the store next time you’re in the area!

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About Wysh…

Wysh is located in the heart of Carlsbad Village and carries everything from apparel to accessories to home goods. Owned and operated by Mojgan Majd, with the help of Adrianna Velazco, they aim to be a staple within the community, for both locals and tourists alike, to provide people with products that give them a beautiful life. The boutique showcases a unique collection of products, many of which are made by local artisans. They also host creative community events that help bring people together.

Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been here for 5 years and just did a rebrand about 6 months ago. We didn’t change the name but we did redo our physical space. We had a good base, but it just needed a little face lift. We raised the ceiling, took out a fitting room, and reorganized our displays to make the space more inviting. We want people to be able to see themselves reflected in the products we carry and the space we provide. 

What’s your favorite thing about the business?

Adrianna: I love the community. Its so cool to talk to customers about what they are into and what they like. I love talking to the locals and getting to know them. I know it sounds corny, but I love to see people excited about the space and giving them a space to connect.

Where do you find inspiration?

Adrianna: I find mine in media. I’m an artist so I always follow culture and art and try to stay on top of things happening on Instagram.

Mojgan: I want to say mine is the same. We like the same type of imagery and style in both fashion and art.

Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

Adriana: I personally didn’t. I was always doing marketing on a small scale. Now I’m more involved on the business side of it. I would love to keep doing this and helping other businesses with their branding, I love that Carlsbad Village is growing and would love to help shape that and spread the excitement around it.

Mojgan: Absolutely. I always wanted this. I came to this country and have a lot of long term history. I raised my kids, went through divorce, and cancer. When I was done with everything I said okay, now it’s time to do this for me. I’m lucky to have these kids, my daughter helps out when we need her, doing finances, and Adrianna and I complement each other really well.

We see the end goal the same. We get there differently and talk about it, and it sparks really good ideas. Its a great partnership. We understand one another. We are on the same page when we talk, we have the same style, and want the same things.

I like to say that I have the experience and she has the talent.

Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village
Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future? What else should we know about your business?

Adrianna: We have a lot of female empowerment shirts and are working on our own line of shirts as well, which I designed and we are really excited about.

We are also venturing into the work of branding ourselves so we can provide new and interesting things to the community.

We also have a variety of classes and pop-up markets. We are hoping to do two or three classes a month ideally and are really excited about them because the response to them so far has been really positive. The markets are a great opportunity to introduce new local vendors and connect to the community.

What was your first or most memorable job?

Mojgan: I worked in cosmetic departments and was a department manager at Nordstrom. I also managed the shop at La Costa Resort. I went to design school… I sorta jumped from one thing to the next and have a lot of experience.

Adrianna: Most memorable is probably this. I’ve had other jobs before but this is the most accomplished I have ever felt with a job. I am most proud of my work here.

Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village
Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village

What advice would you give to an aspiring business owner?

Mojgan: Don’t give up. Follow your dreams and be persistent. Just don’t quit.

Adrianna: I agree. Mojgan is super inspiring because this whole thing has been a rollercoaster. There’s ups and downs and she’s always very positive, keeping the faith. If you really believe in something, the universe is going to make it happen for you. So that’s the mindset we’ve had the past few months. It’s a wild ride.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Mojgan: Ha! Work.

Adrianna: Working all the time haha. I do create a lot of art, and still do freelance stuff. I am doing art for a couple of bands right now. Really, all things creative, I am always creating; I love art. I feel like Mojgan spends her free time with her family.

The next few questions are a series of rapid fire, don’t-think-too-much, one-word responses to see how people think on their feet. They usually provide some pretty interesting insight!

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Adrianna: Chaotic
Mojgan: Crazy

What are you afraid of?

Adrianna: Failure
Mojgan: When people don’t talk to me. I need communication. I have to constantly talk talk talk.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Adrianna: Inconsistency
Mojgan: When people don’t accept change. And when they talk negatively about it.

Favorite food?

Adrianna: Does coffee count as a food? No? Then Mexcian food it is!
Mojgan: Pizza. Or soup. I love a good soup.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Adrianna: This is very close to it. I didn’t know what I wanted when I finished school, but I am so fulfilled and happy here. 
Mojgan: This was my dream. I hope we keep expanding.

Wysh Lifestyle Boutique in Carlsbad Village
Huge thanks to the ladies of Wysh for their time and candidness in sharing with us! We are so grateful to have them as neighbors! 

300 Carlsbad Village Drive #117
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 688-8060

Find them online to see more of their products and see their upcoming classes! Wysh is open every day from 10am to 7 pm. 

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