Coworking Amidst a Global Pandemic

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The global pandemic, COVID-19, has taken over life as we know it. It’s definitely a strange time to be alive as this is truly is a first for everyone. So while this is going on, and the world is under quarantine, we want to share some of our thoughts and what’s keeping us going. 

Interesting finds Coworking from Home Week 3

We were chatting the other day about what a weird time it is that we’re currently living in. This is not something that anyone has ever experienced before. Even the oldest person alive today is likely to not have lived through The Great Depression, so it truly is a first for everyone, everywhere.

The reality is that this is the new normal.

California’s statewide stay at home order came down two weeks ago, and some of you had been doing so even before that. Currently we’re in Week 3, which is hard to believe given that our whole sense of time just feels off these days.

But as people do, you adjust—you find a new rhythm. We miss our routines and seeing all our members in the office each day. So we’re hosting virtual gatherings for members each week during April. Because now’s the time to stick together!

Here’s some other stuff we found helpful, useful, or just plain entertaining this week:

This is certainly an overwhelming time for many, not only in shifting to a new routine, but in having to learn new ways of working. Go easy on yourself, take a deep breath, and until next time … stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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