Kalei White

Meet Kalei
Though born and raised locally in San Diego, CA, don’t be fooled, Kalei has done her fair share of traveling abroad from her home state. Two years ago she found her current opportunity with Abstracta – a software testing company from Uruguay – through AIESEC (student-run NGO that helps young people to work or volunteer abroad in order to promote peace). Kalei started as a remote, part-time intern in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2015, graduated and packed her bags to moved to Montevideo for one year. Last October, when she returned home to SD and continued to work for the company, she found us as her remote workspace at BLOC. She loves the remote aspect of her position with Abstracta since it allows for travel and location-independence; plus her bilingual skills allow her to converse with colleagues every day in Spanish and reminisce about experiencing their culture while she was in Uruguay. She beams about them having the sweetest people and the best steak in the world. Speaking of, a fun fact about her is that she hasn’t ever eaten shrimp before and doesn’t plan to! On that note, she’s been known to frequent the Rubio’s in Solana Beach a couple of times a week, but it could just be about it’s proximity to BLOC (she threw out a special shout out fellow cowork space colleagues at Board n Brew as well).
Why Kalei digs BLOC’s cowork space

I enjoy BLOC and the coworking environment because there is a good balance of peace and quiet which helps me to focus as well as friendly people to talk to and learn from. You can’t beat sitting in front of a window with an ocean view and having the option to stand or sit at a desk either inside or outside while you work! Lastly, BLOC management is super friendly and helpful, they have gone out of their way to accommodate me before.