Joe Koller

Your name and where you’re (originally) from?

Joe Koller/Originally from Ojai, CA and the Bay Area, CA

Name of business/company that you work for, or own?

Own Slot Right LLC

How long you’ve been working / how’d you get started?

Been in digital media since 1998 and started Slot Right in 2010

Best part about your job?

Being my own boss

Interesting fact about yourself?

I can feel the weather in my bones as my left arm has plates and screws holding it together and with changes in atmospheric pressure I can tell you when it will rain. Pretty accurate most of the time.

Favorite local place to eat?

Solace, Kaito, Campfire, Urban Plates, Casa Di Bandini to name a few

Why do you enjoy being a part of a cowork environment (at BLOC)?

Bloc is fantastic as you get the perfect balance of being able to focus on your work and meet fellow entrepreneurs and marketers in one space for a great price.