MotoDeli: Interview with Mario Warman


What is the name of your / the business and social media handle?

Mario Warman / MotoDeli / Instagram: @moto_deli

How did the name come about and how long have you been here?

“Encinitas is already full of surf shops, pizza and taco shops. I really wanted to do a sandwich shop and someone told me the Sub Palace space was available, so I talked to the owner of the building. The name developed while waiting for permitting and all that. I’ve always had a love for motorcycles, so the everything just fell into place.” 

Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

“My first job was as a busboy when I was 15 years old and I worked in restaurants for a while after that. Then my career went in a different direction. I went to school for marketing and then was a fashion student for a couple years in LA. I studied manufacturing, Human Resources, and design and got a job representing big brands. It ended up being too stressful and I noticed all the power was in the brand itself. The power came from the people behind the scene, in a small room creating. So I decided to start my own brand. I wanted to start a sandwich shop, so I just started… it was an experiment for me and I’ve been here a year now.”

What is your role at the company?

“General Manager/Owner. My chef, Andy, has been with me since the beginning, you should interview him as well.” (stay tuned …) 



How did you get started?

“Originally my family is from Mexico City. My family moved to Coronado when I was eight years old. I studied at SDSU. I really like motorcycles so my thought behind Moto Deli was similar to Corvette Diner. I wanted there to be decor that I liked, so MotoDeli was formed. I own 3 bikes, I would own 10 if I could. At one point I owned 8, that’s how we ended up with so many bikes here. People have this idea that itʼs a violent sport because itʼs loud and fast but to me itʼs really zen. Itʼs like riding the perfect wave over and over again. I wanted to share that view and experience with others.”

What’s the best part about being in Leucadia?

“As far as San Diego County goes, I feel like itʼs the last real California surfer town. Encinitas and Santa Cruz seem to be the last two standing surf towns. The skate, surf and motocross community is so deeply rooted here in Encinitas, that it seemed to me, like the perfect place to begin branding.”

Do you know about BLOC and what we’re about?

“Yes. I would actually love to get an office there. But we have only been open for a year, so every day is new here and I am still figuring things out. Eventually when we are more established we would love to explore the option of joining BLOC. One of your members, Jimmy, has told me how rad and convenient it is to have so many talented people working alongside you.”

Knowing more about us, is there a way for us to collaborate/ work together?

“Once we are more established I would like to do some sort of partnership. For now, I could definitely use connections, so I may reach out to see if you can refer me to any tech people who can help with my website and logo design.”

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?

“Yes! We are hopefully adding two more locations in North County. We are also starting a racing program, where a group of local guys get together and go to races together. Itʼs a New Year’s resolution for me to do at least five races by the end of the year. The first one is coming up in Austin, TX.”


What was your very first or most memorable job? 

“My friend had a used car dealership. I decided to sell all my stuff, so I pocketed a lot of cash and started flipping cars under my buddies license. It was pretty fun! Then I got emotionally attached to two of the cars and stopped flipping so that I could keep them.”


If you could do anything other than the work you do now, what would you do? 

“I really like the mountains and ocean. Another passion of mine is fishing. So I could see myself moving to Colorado or Florida and starting up a taco shop. Iʼd call it Moto Taco.”

Whatʼs on your bucket list?

“Living in Europe for sure. I basically spent the last ten summers in Spain. Itʼs where I learned to ride street bikes. I like the idea of being able to travel to a completely different places on the weekends and experience different cultures and foods. It’s easy in Europe to just drive to another country and get those experiences.”

If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would you choose?

“Taco’s or pizza … Yeah, pizza!”

If you could tell you sixteen year old self something, what would it be?

“Haha, I’d say, donʼt do your homework. Do whatever you want to do and donʼt worry about a thing! But I probably wouldn’t tell that to my own kids.”

Whereʼs your favorite local business?

“Food … Fish 101  and business wise, Nixon. I wish I could take that business over and make it my own.”

What question would you ask someone if you were interviewing them?

“I would ask what kind of car they drive. If youʼre a car guy like me you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of car they drive.”



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