Naked Cafe Solana Beach: Interview

What is the name of your/ the business and social media handle? “Naked Cafe Solana Beach.” –

How did the name come about and how long have you been here? “It’s food in the rawest form, stripped of anything bad.” They’ve been in SB for almost 12 years.

What is your role at the company? “Patrick, the General Manager.”

How did you get started? “By having an altruistic belief in great products for good people…”DSC02612

What is your favorite thing about the business? His belief in the product, hands down AND connecting with the customers. “Health conscious food, that is really really good.”

What’s the best part about being in Solana Beach? “That it’s a small, quaint beach town with a family-friendly vibe. Where everyone knows everyone and you become family with people.”

How do you feel your business reflects/ fits in the community? “It’s a great representation of the SoCal lifestyle.”

Do you know about BLOC and what we’re about? “I didn’t know about BLOC until you guys moved in and expanded, but we’re all stoked about having you here.”DSC02611 copy

Knowing more about us, is there a way for us to collaborate/ work together? “Yes, we’d loved to have your members coming here and knowing what we’re about.”

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future? “We feature local artists that are on a rotating basis… so that’s always happening.”

What was your very first or most memorable part of the job? “Just the relationships that have been made and calling customers family now.”

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