Randoms Boutique: Interview with Stacy Cowart


What is the name of your / the business and social media handle?

Randoms Boutique  / Online Store: Randoms Boutique / Insta: @randomsboutique / FB: https://www.facebook.com/randomsboutique/ 

How did the name come about and how long have you been here?

“The name came about by traveling years ago and always bringing back ‘random’ merchandise from Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia …  then starting off in an Airstream was super random as well.”

“I am as local as you get here… born and raised in Encinitas. I was a buyer/manager at a shop for 13 years and started Randoms about 4 years ago… from backyard shopping parties at friends houses, to the airstream, to the location now. Its been a random trip!”



What is your role at the company?


How did you get started?

“I was blessed to have an amazing mentor in my 20’s, a Salon owner/guru Crystal Wells. We built out a retail space together and basically taught ourselves the in’s and out’s of a retail/clothing store. Turned out we were pretty good at it.”

What is your favorite thing about the business?

“Relationships – I love seeing familiar faces return to the shop and seeing those faces leaving stoked on the space just makes me smile.”

“My neighbors (like you) of course. I LOVE Leucadia!”

“We call ourselves the #GlaucusCorner crew and the sense of community is unreal. I wouldn’t have the space I do now if it wasn’t for Debbie at Leucadia Floral, she’s like the mother hen over here!  I’ve know Doug at the Lanai for 10 years, Bradley at 101 piercing is one of the most professional people in his bizz, The Hatch moved in and immediately fit in with the family vibes. Our newest addition is Solomon & Co Hair Salon and I just love what Eric and his wife are bringing to our little strip here on 101!”

How do you feel your business reflects/ fits in the community?

“Its Leucadia … so we just trying to keep it funky. I like to think the store has a little something for everyone. From floor length dresses to a destroyed  Bowie tee shirt, inexpensive jewelry to genuine turquoise. And I love being connected to Leucadia floral and all her succulents, the shared space is a perfect refection of the sense of community in Leucadia. Its all about the flow.”


Do you know about BLOC and what we’re about?

“Yup, Love it! I attended a Boss Babes workshop at the old location! XOXO”

Knowing more about us, is there a way for us to collaborate/ work together?

“I sure hope so, we LOVE hosting pop up events!”

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?

“We try to host a special event or shopping evening at least once a month.”

“We are looking forward to Small Business Saturday Nov 25th with Leucadia Main Street gals, they always host the best SBS and we will be having 20% off all clothing that day.”

“And you can always check us out online or stay up-to-date on sales and events through our instagram page.”

Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

“I started in the Hair Salon industry at a young age and knew pretty quickly that it wasn’t my passion. I’m thankful that it grew into more than a behind the chair career. And that I stayed in the Beauty/ Fashion  industry.”

What was your very first or most memorable job?

“Very first job, Baskin Robbins (15 years old I think) haha.”

“The Longest Run would be the 13 years I spent with Crystal Wells at Detour Salon/ Store and growing that business with her and learning so so much.”

“But NOW, this takes the cake! Building this lil’ gem with my husband and having a little baby boy 3 months ago. Watching our lives grow and the shop, is definitely most MEMORABLE!”

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