San Diego Electric Bike: Interview with Rob Bennett



What is the name of your / the business and social media handle?

San Diego Electric Bike / Website: / Instagram: @sdebike

How did the name come about and how long have you been here?

“The founder came up with it a long time ago. He was building bikes in his garage and decided it was time to start up the shop. I’ve been here since 2008.”

How did you get started?

“I was a child crimes investigator for 15 years. When I retired I would go surfing all the time over here and when I saw the shop I knew I wanted to work at a fun and casual place where I could surf. “

What is your favorite thing about the business?

“I love the location, the community. Everyone that comes here has a good time.”

DSC02713What’s the best part about being in Solana Beach?

“The community. The best people live here. The neighbors are all cool and its a clean community. Everyone is happy here.”

Do you know about BLOC and what we’re about?

“Yea! We have a lot of customers that work at BLOC.”

Knowing more about us, do you think there is a way we can collaborate / work together?

“Yes. Definitely referrals. A lot of our customers work remotely, I actually have referred people to you in the past.”


Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?

“There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up. We are doing a full remodel; tearing the place up and fixing it. It is going to be a lot nicer.”

Did you always see yourself doing something like this?

“Nope. Never. Not in a million years. It just happened.”

What was your very first or most memorable job?

“My first job was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. You know how you used to be able to ride the elephants? Well, I was the kid behind the elephant with the big snow shovel. But my most memorable job was working with kids. Nothing’s ever going to top that.”

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