Tips of Productivity

How much of your time spent in the office is time spent being productive? Whether you’re chatting with coworkers or browsing the web, it is easy to get distracted in the workplace. At BLOC, we strive to create workspaces where our members can be as productive as possible without stifling their creative juices. We value productivity, but we also enjoy a quick surf break or a cold sonja-langford-357brew coffee on the deck. We decided to take the topic of “Productivity” to our members to see what they had to say about it.

The most important element of productivity according to Clayton Wheeler is to “visualize the attack”.

As I write this piece about productivity I keep getting sidetracked with other tasks and in turn lose my train of thought. I am experiencing first hand the repercussions of poor focus skills thus decreasing my productivity.

Cary Subel suggests focusing on one task at a time.

eepeng-cheong-313417“Multitasking is an easy trap to fall into, but I find that it usually results in a higher rate of mistakes, overall lower quality of work, and a much shorter attention span. A simple checklist is a great tool to keep the focus on the task at hand. I will work on an item of my choice until it is done. Once it is, I check it off the list and move on. Google Keep is a good online checklist tool for exactly that. On a related note, daily mindfulness meditation helps me to block out external and internal distractions.”

Stay organized and be mindful of yourself and your work!

If keeping a to-do list seems tedious to you, let me tell you why you should reconsider! Even if you do not get through your to-do list, simply the act of making the list increases your likelihood to be successful. When constructing a list, you are telling your brain what is important and organizing your thoughts in a whole new manner.

Sonny Nevarez has seen the benefits of to-do lists first hand,

glenn-carstens-peters-190592“This might seem obvious, but if you’re faced with multiple tasks, write them down and prioritize them in order of importance. Tackle the most important ones first and work your way down the list. If you can only complete the important tasks, at least you’ve addressed the big stuff. If you can get through your entire list, you can stop and feel uber productive about what you’ve accomplished that day. Congratulations-you deserve a beer!”

So if making a list is not something you usually do when you start your day, try it out… and don’t forget to reward yourself for being so productive! The list tends to be endless, so make sure you come up for air every once in awhile to enjoy your productivity.

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