Using Your Quarantine Time for Good

Quiet San Diego Beach

The global pandemic, COVID-19, has taken over life as we know it. It’s definitely a strange time to be alive as this is truly is a first for everyone. So while this is going on, and the world is under quarantine, we want to share some of our thoughts and what’s keeping us going. 

Can you believe it’s nearly May? March may have been 467 days long but April has seemingly flown by. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to when the stay at home mandates will end and what re-opening the economy will look like, though the city of San Diego did reopen 300 neighborhood parks and trails this week.

Even under normal circumstances, daily life is full of uncertainty. Know that you are not alone if you’re feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed and that maybe there is a silver lining to the quiet stillness that surrounds us currently. Perhaps this is an invitation to a new way of being, both within ourselves, and in the world.

How can we use this time to create positive change?

Interesting finds from Week 6

  1. We’re still holding weekly Zooms for members! 
  2. If you’re still looking for financial aid, you can apply for the San Diego County COVID-19 Small Business & Nonprofit Loan Program.
  3. Sony is giving you a good reason to stay indoors by giving away two free Playstation 4 games.
  4. Ever heard a rap version of Dr. Suess?
  5. If you’ve been honing your kitchen skills during quarantine, you don’t want to miss these free cooking classes.
  6. It’s come to this… How to cut your hair at home.
  7. What working from home with kids really looks like.
  8. You can still go to the beach.
  9. Interested in safely helping your neighbors and communities? Join Californians For All.
  10. Plan your next Netflix binge.


Stay Connected

Despite needing to stay physically apart, it’s important that we stay connected with others during this time. Hit reply and let us know how you’re doing!

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