When your personal life and work life are not in balance, your stress levels rise, your happiness decreases, and you are less productive in both. What is the perfect balance of work and play and how can you achieve it? There is no right answer, but there are a few tactics that can lead to achieving a more balanced lifestyle.freestocks-org-229658

Make a list.
Prioritize what is most important to what is least important. This will ensure that you focus on what needs to be done right away and feel less overwhelmed with a huge list of things that need to be accomplished! This can also help you focus on one task at a time as opposed to jumping around from item to item. Amazing how simplification can lead to efficiency.

eepeng-cheong-313417Avoid multitasking. While multitasking seems to be inevitable in today’s world, try to avoid it! Contrary to what you may believe, multitasking is not typically efficient. Working on multiple tasks at once in hopes of getting the job done faster does not prove to be successful, it simply might lead you to doing a bunch of things well, but nothing excellent.

Set goals – both personal and work related. This will help you stay focused on both aspects of your life as well as ensure that one isn’t overshadowing the other. It is easy to get caught up in one part of your life and to neglect the other. When this happens, you are not truly living, rather you’ve fallen routine to the same thing every single day. Setting goals will keep both parts of your life new and exciting. Take time every so often to re-evaluate your time and effort allocation. Creating a pie chart with 8-10 aspects of your life kelli-tungay-309722(i.e. exercise, work, relationships, travel, etc.) and rating how you are doing in each one can be useful.

Do not let work overtake your personal life. Plan exciting things in your week you can look forward to that are personally fulfilling. This will give you the so called “light at the end of the tunnel” which can be very helpful when you have a busy week at work. Regardless of your approach, be mindful of your life balance!


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